Ph.D. Student Published in Foreign Policy Blog


Joe Funderburke, a Ph.D. student in the Security Studies Program in the Political Science Department, together with his co-authors Ad Godinez, Andy Whiskeyman, and Bryan Groves, published a blog posting entitled “To operate in a renewed Cold War atmosphere, the U.S. needs to realistically pursue its interests and its values “. The authors argue for a U.S. foreign policy that operates at the nexus of the interests and values of the United States, particular in the case of American relations with Russia. As the article points out, the use of the U.S. military as an extension of politics by other means is most successful when U.S. values and interests are aligned. While the authors do not argue for another Cold War, the article does infer that the sentiments and atmosphere of the old Cold War have returned and that for some Russian leaders it may have never left.

The article was published in the Best Defense Foreign Policy Blog owned by the Washington Post and operated by Tom Ricks. Ricks is an American journalist who writes on defense topics. He is also a Pulitzer Prize-winning former reporter for the WSJ and the Washington Post.  Ricks is mostly known for his five bestselling books and for his membership to the Center for New American Security, a defense policy think tank.

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