Get Hooked on New Clothing Line

20130909093318_EMBLEM FISHY ITCHY rThe newest clothing line of the bay is here, and it’s all from UCF alumnus, Myles Moulton, ’11. Founded two years after graduating with a degree in political science, he started Fishy Itchy through his passion for tarpon fishing and the excitement people share for it.

“We were just sitting around talking about tarpon fishing and it just popped into my head,” said Moulton. “I’ve always had the itch to fish. And ’Fishy Itchy’ came up.”

The Fishy Itchy offers quality clothing products and accessories for those who enjoy outdoor activities including sports and those who love being out in the water. “What makes it different is the quality of material by Denali, the fish designs and the name on the shirt,” said Moulton. The concept behind the “Itch” can be rooted to his desire of making it a vernacular term applicable to different situations, such as “the 24-7 itchiness” or “That’s really itchy.”

To check out Fishy Itchy, visit

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