Graduate Sociology Program Ranked Second in the Nation

Sociology Ranking Grad Programs

The University of Central Florida’s College of Sciences’ graduate sociology program is ranked second of twenty-five U.S. graduate sociology programs according to student reviews.  The College of Sciences is proud of the sociology department’s achievement.

Program rankings, compiled using data gathered between September 1, 2012 and March 31, 2015, encompass reviews posted by more than 70,000 students participating in over 1,600 graduate programs nationwide.  Ratings are based on a 10 star system.

Graduate students on are asked to rate their university’s graduate programs in 15 different categories such as student diversity, academic competitiveness, workload, and career support. Students who choose to sign up and rate their university’s graduate program are then entered to win a $1,000 scholarship, awarded once a semester.

“For a given graduate program, rankings are determined by calculating the average score for each program based on the 15 ranking categories. These scores are then compared across all ranked schools for that program and are translated into a final ranking for that graduate program, i.e., business and management. A given graduate program is not ranked until a minimum threshold of graduate student surveys is completed for that graduate program.”

For more information on and to see the full list of universities, click here.

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