Dr. Hamann Presents a Research Seminar in Wales, UK

KHamannDr. Kerstin Hamann presented a research seminar entitled “Unions against Governments: Contesting Policy Reforms through General Strikes in Western Europe” at the Cardiff University Business School in Wales, UK. The seminar discussed Dr. Hamann’s collaborative research with Alison Johnston (Oregon State University) and John Kelly (London University) on the causes and consequences of labor union inclusion or exclusion in policy reforms in Western Europe since 1980. The seminar focused on the increasing occurrence of general strikes in Western Europe. Parts of this research program have been published in  leading journals in comparative politics, such as Comparative Political Studies and Comparative Politics. Ongoing research assesses the electoral consequences of general strikes against governments and their policy reforms and findings provide evidence that governing parties are punished by voters if they are mobilized by general strikes during an electoral term. Dr. Hamann recently returned from the Cardiff Business School as a Montague Burton Visiting Scholar.

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