Need a Psychology Internship? COS Has You Covered

GotInternshipHow do you find a good Psychology internship?

You can search for one on your own. Use your status as a UCF student and ask your local community members if they need a volunteer intern. Try doing a Google search of the type of experience you want. For example: Google “Mental Health Counselor in Orlando” and you’ll find some names of counselors in the area. Send them a well written e-mail asking if they have an internship opportunity available, and if not, perhaps they would be willing to meet with you to do an informational interview about their career field.



PSY3951 Psychology Fieldwork provides an opportunity for advanced undergraduate Psychology majors to become involved, under supervision of a trained professional, in the application of psychology. The role of the student in the placement is not limited to passive observation, but rather to provide as complete involvement as appropriate for the student’s level of training. These experiences can have several purposes: 1. The student has an opportunity to test the principles obtained in the classroom against the realities of delivering human services or counseling with agencies; 2. The student can explore vocational alternatives in light of further professional training that would be needed in the setting, or the student can utilize certain settings as a type of apprenticeship/internship looking towards immediate employment upon graduation; 3. The student earns upper level psychology credits.

Common Requirements for Fieldwork:

Students must have junior or senior standing with the majority of coursework completed.

Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Students must have completed courses appropriate to the applied setting.

Students must apply and be accepted for fieldwork by the Undergraduate Coordinator in their area of interest.

Application: Undergraduate Fieldwork Information and Application for Fall 2014 If you want to apply for a Fieldwork position, be on the lookout for “Information Sessions” that are held every semester. When you attend an information session, turn in a resume, degree audit, and application and learn about places you can intern at. You can print out the application from the link above, or go to the Psychology Advising Center in PSY 250 to pick up a copy. After the info session, it is up to you to get hired at the internship site, you must be approved by the placement site before you are allowed to enrolled in the Fieldwork PSY 3951 course. This online course requires a total of 150 completed hours at your site (usually 10-15 hours per week) and is graded as (S)atisfactory or (U)nsatisfactory.


PSY4942 Instructional Experiences in Undergraduate Psychology This internship is designed for advanced psychology majors who want to explore Teaching as part of their professional development. Additionally this experience gives students a chance to work more closely with professors in the Psychology Department. It is required that you have already earned an “A” in the course you are to TA for, have a minimum of 3.0 GPA, and that you register for PSY 4932 during your first semester as a Teaching Assistant. PSY 4942 is an online (S/U) graded 3 credit course that coincides with the work you complete with a faculty member.

To become a TA– ask your professor for whose class you received an A in if you can be their TA next semester. If you are approved, bring a note from your professor to the Psychology Advising Center in PSY 250, and you will be issued a permission number so that you can enroll. TA duties will vary depending on the professor you work with.


Experiential Learning Apply online: to learn about co-op and other internship opportunities. Denise Moore ( is the advisor for Psychology majors, she can help you find Psychology related experience during your Junior and Senior years.


PSY3022C Academic Counseling Psychology Peer Advisors (PA’s) are advanced undergraduate psychology majors who assist other psychology majors/minors to understand and complete their psychology degree requirements. PA’s help students understand university policies and procedures, assist in schedule planning, and provide advisement on other academic matters such as applying for extracurricular activities and graduate school. PA’s are not paid, but do earn upper level psychology credit for participating in the internship. This is a three semester of Fall, Spring, and Summer-10 hour per week- commitment. PA’s are selected based on GPA, related experience, and extracurricular activities. Click link for the application Peer Advising Internship App or come visit us in PSY 250, it is highly recommend you speak to a current Peer Advisor before applying. Applications are due in June, with interviews conducted soon after. Training will start for selected PA’s before the Fall semester begins.

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