India Center Holds Discussion on Informal Housing in Delhi

By Vihan Yalamanchili

Portrait of Ruchita Gupta in a plaid blazer, smiling against a plain background.

Ruchita Gupta, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the School of Planning and Architecture in Delhi, recently presented a webinar on “Informal Housing in Delhi: Policies and Case Studies” hosted by the India Center at UCF. Amar Sawhney, Professor of Architecture, Building Construction, and Interior Design at Miami-Dade College moderated the event. Gupta shared her research on India’s current urban affordable housing shortage in relation to an increase of urban migration and population growth. Slums and squatter settlements, Gupta explained, emerged to meet some of the demands for affordable urban housing. She also proposed other solutions, such as the construction of resettlement colonies through support from the central government of India or government of Delhi.

Following Gupta’s presentation, Sawney moderated a conversation with Gupta, followed by audience questions. This talk was part of an India Center series of talks titled “India – Growth, Challenge, Opportunity,” focusing on issues confronting India as it has grown to be the world’s most populous country. “Gupta addressed core issues of managing a rapidly growing population, and government efforts to address the resulting urban housing shortages,” said Kerstin Hamann, Ph.D., Interim Director of the India Center. “Gupta presented important lessons for easing housing shortage in India given the varied needs of underserved communities.”

Watch the video below:

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