India Center Hosts Webinar on Landscape Architecture in India

By Vihan Yalamanchili

View of the Sunder nursery in India

The India Center at UCF hosted a recent webinar with Geeta Wahi Dua, landscape architect and co-founder and co-editor of LA, Journal of Landscape Architecture, for a discussion on “Garden as Universe, Universe as Garden.”

Jennifer Elliot, Director of the UCF Arboretum, moderated the discussion.

The presentation centered around contemporary landscape architecture in India. Dua discussed curating the book Bagh-e-Bahar for the 2023 India Art, Architecture, and Design Biennale. The publication celebrates Indian landscape architecture and garden design. While sharing images from the book with the audience, Dua explained how the aesthetics in Indian garden design resulted from India’s diverse geography and cultures. Dua presented the importance of the design of public parks and public paths in Indian cities, as well as the balance between landscape, architecture, and conservation. She explained that those facets work together with the emphasis on preserving the cultural and historical essence of these spaces.

Following Dua’s presentation, Elliott moderated audience questions. Dua described the importance of India’s diversity in contributing to multiple traditions in design and spoke about global influences contributing to garden design. She also stressed the value in considering the climate zone and preventing invasive species from disrupting the natural environment.

“I am pleased that Dua shared a first look of the new publication with our audience,” said Leila Chacko, Director of Public Affairs of the India Center. “Dua shared a variety of images and stories which reflect the importance that landscape architecture and green spaces play in contemporary India, even with the growing population.”

Watch the video below:

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