Meet a UCF Ambassador Who Digs Giving Back

Kaye-Alese Green is a redshirt junior on UCF’s women’s volleyball team who has been selected twice to the Conference USA Commissioner’s Academic Honor Roll. As a member of UCF’s President’s Leadership Council, she serves as an official ambassador to the university.

Green was born in Long Beach, Calif., and lived in several states while growing up. a Psychology major, she plans to graduate in December and then pursue a master’s degree in Applied Learning and Instruction at UCF. She eventually wants to attend medical school.

Why did you choose UCF?

UCF felt right! I had the privilege of being offered many scholarships to fine universities, but in the end the people at UCF made the difference. UCF has a phenomenal sciences program, an up-and-coming medical school, a growing athletics department and an honors program which created a small-school environment in the midst of the extraordinary size of the university. UCF has everything! Moving to Orlando and coming to UCF is one of the best decisions I have ever made!

How has serving on the President’s Leadership Council helped you?

The council is made up of the most phenomenal students at UCF; each person has a unique story and vision for the rest of their lives. You are constantly compelled to strive for more. Furthermore, Dr. (Nancy) Marshall and Ana Petkov create an environment that teaches you to be self-confident. The council has allowed me to build many connections with other student leaders on campus and to get to know many of UCF’s administrators.

What has been your favorite class at UCF? Why?

Windows to the World with Dr. (Alvin) Wang was so incredibly practical, and it focused on becoming a well-rounded person and discovering what being well rounded meant for each student. The class was approximately 10 students, which allowed for amazing discussions.  Dr. Wang encouraged curiosity, openness and individuality.  He also brought in other professors from different disciplines to help teach life skills such as interviewing. This class has helped prepare me for graduate school and my professional career.

Who are the most important role models in your life?

Christ is my most important role model. His life and story are the foundations of everything I strive to do. My parents also have served as great examples of what hard work will produce. They are sources of wisdom and demonstrate how to live a life full of generosity and love.

You tried out for USA Volleyball’s Women’s National Team this spring. What was that experience like?

The experience was eye opening. I was competing with the best college players in the country and training at facilities that have housed some of the world’s best athletes! It was such a great opportunity to work with many of the National Team coaches. I hope to go back again this spring.

You and a dozen other student-athletes participated in a special Knights Without Borders trip to Panama this spring. How did the trip to Panama change your life?

Watch a video interview with Kaye-Alese Green about the trip.

I saw so plainly was what love was. In Panama, orphanages serve as the foster care system, except it is more localized. At these orphanages, seven to 12 children live with an “aunt” or housemother who is a woman who essentially serves as the children’s mother. These women were truly my inspiration. In some homes, there were many children with mental disabilities. I saw women who gave day after day for these children and even with all they had to care for, they welcomed neighborhood kids whose parents did not get home until late. Those women are so amazing.

We were also able to experience the culture by staying in local Panamanian hostels. Many of us shared one room, which expedited the bonding process! On the trip we also were able to get to know the culture. We visited the Panama Canal, ate traditional Panamanian food and learned different styles of Latin dances. The trip was an amazing cultural and service experience.

What are the keys to your success in the classroom?

We have a full schedule all year long. It takes careful planning and creating a system that works for your life to be successful. I personally am helpless without my iCal application (linked to all my Apple products) and my Moleskin planner. Also, for me it is so important to remember my goal of becoming a doctor. I constantly remind myself that to achieve my goal of helping children, I have to be successful in the classroom.

If you could play any sport other than volleyball, what would it be?

Track and field is my first love. I started running competitively in the second grade. I cannot describe it, but when you are running fast, there is something surreal about it. You feel as if your are flying. I absolutely love it! Running will forever be my stress reliever.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

I love to cook! My favorite thing to do is to cook for people I love. When I was younger, I was a Food Network junkie. I used to sit for hours and watch all the different shows and get inspiration for new dishes to try. This makes holidays really special for me because it is a time that my whole family gets together and cooks.

On road trips, how do you and your teammates pass the time?

All of us love to listen to music! It is so funny, but if you were to be a fly on the wall during a trip, we are all either sleeping, doing homework or have our headphones on.


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