Nanodevice Work Recognized in Top Global Physics Publication

A new research article on molecular devices is making its way to publication in one of the top five scientific journals in the world.

The research article was published on the Advanced Materials website and acknowledges the work by Postdoctoral Associate Ran Liu, Ph.D. Physics and Pegsus Professor Enrique del Barco, Ph.D. Physics. Their research aims to find an efficient way to implement all the basic universal logic gates using a single molecule.

“My research is about the electronic behavior of individual molecules and atoms by using the laws of quantum physics to explore the physical world to find ways to make devices further miniaturized,” Liu said.

Liu’s research aims to find a multifunctional nano-device that requires minimal device construction. Creating nano devices from molecules allows versatility with low energy consumption and low charge leakage.

Creating the nano devices is not an easy process. Liu explains the work is tedious and requires close attention to detail. She works non-stop for hours to ensure the entire process is timely and accurate. Liu explains research is a challenge, but one she enjoys doing.

“My favorite part of the job is the challenge,” Liu said. “It’s like that saying ‘the things that are meaningful are usually hard to do.’ That is something that I feel deeply from my work.”

Liu learned how to navigate the challenges in the research process with the help of her supervisor, Del Barco, who she considers an “unforgettable mentor.” She explains how Del Barco taught her to work effectively with others.

She first met her mentor Del Barco when she interviewed to join the research group during the beginning of their scientific journey. Liu never expected to get the job because of her lack of experience in the field, but now she serves as the lead researcher in the lab.

“Throughout my research, I have encountered many challenges that have pushed me to improve myself and learn new things,” Liu said. “I feel very satisfied with the new things I have learned.”

Liu explains that for future research, she intends to find a way to increase the yield of molecular devices. This will facilitate further research on the optical and temperature-controlled characteristics of molecular devices and pave the way for the design of multi-input molecular logic gates.

As for what she intends to do after graduation, Liu hopes to find a job in academia as a professor or researcher.

“My work has provided me with the opportunity to grow and meet more wonderful people such as my mentor and colleagues in my lab,” Liu said. “Their enthusiasm in life and work has deeply influenced me, making me brave to face challenges.”

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