New Alumni Reflect on Journey That Brought Them to Fall ’19 Graduation

As he adjusted his black gown, a yellow tassel dangling out of the corner of his eye, Bepsy Omar Aguasvivas thought about his father’s words: “The hardest thing to do is be born. Everything else is simply a step ahead.”

That advice carried Aguasvivas through his academic experience at UCF all the way to Saturday, as he prepared to cross the stage and receive his diploma in Psychology.  Aguasvivas originally came to UCF as a Biomedical Sciences major. Enamored with medicine, he quickly threw himself into internships and opportunities, only to find himself fueled by his passion for mental medicine.

Nicholson School of Communication and Media graduate Laura Teran found that her biggest inspiration during her undergraduate career was using her own inner strength and talents. A big talker and an even bigger people person, Teran knew the minute she started taking her communications classes that she had picked the right major.

“I feel incredibly at ease talking to others,” said Teran. “In this field you have to be comfortable with other individuals, which sounds simple enough but it’s hard to make people feel like they can open up to you. That is why I love the field of communications; this is a challenge I am willing to conquer.”

For other students, the answer isn’t always so clear. Megan Vance was a traditional student studying engineering when she came to UCF in 2013. Now graduating in 2019 with an impressive degree in Chemistry accompanied by minors in both Biology and Math, Vance can confirm that the undergraduate experience isn’t always linear.

“I became disheartened when I was studying engineering,” said Vance. “It wasn’t until I took Dr. Emily Heider’s chemistry classes that I realized I was in love with the subject and that I wanted to center my academic career around it. If I could give an undergraduate student one piece of advice, it is to not get stuck on one path. It isn’t always going to be traditional and a four-year experience for everyone.”

Congratulations to our Fall 2019 graduates. The University of Central Florida can’t wait to see you charge on!




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