November 2020 Security Studies Ph.D. Update

The Security Studies Ph.D. program was thrilled to welcome its eighth cohort of students in fall 2020. Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds – some students recently completed their M.A. degrees, others are mid-career professionals, and some are active duty military officers. Our programs also includes students from several continents and countries, including the United States, Belarus, Germany, India, Italy, Liberia, Nepal, Nigeria, and Turkey, among others.


We are particularly happy to recognize our recent graduates:

Dr. Sandor Fabian, dissertation title: Improving Foreign Militaries — The Effects of U.S. Military Aid in the Form of International Military Education and Training Programs. Advisor: Dr. Andrew Boutton

Dr. Xiongwei Cao, dissertation title: Cute Panda or Evil Dragon? Market Economy, Conflict Behavior and China’s Peaceful Rise. Advisor: Dr. Michael Mousseau

Dr. Joshua Lambert, dissertation title: Food, Familiarity, and Forecasting: Modeling Coups With Computational Methods. Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Powell

Dr. Jeffrey Payne, dissertation title: Community Responses to Mass Casualty Events: A Mixed Method Approach. Advisor: Dr. Roger Handberg


The deadline for 2021 applications is January 15, 2021. If you have questions, please contact or Prof. Tom Dolan at

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