NSC alum thrives despite tough economic times

John Alexander at work. Photo by Layla Tang.

John Alexander, a 2006 Nicholson School of Communication graduate, left UCF with a competitive resume that in addition to his education included positions as Program Director and then Station Manager for WNSC, a position with Turnstile Publishing to create a web show for Golfweek TV and a job as a radio show host for “The Morning Scratch.”

It didn’t surprise teachers or fellow students when Alexander won the “Most Outstanding Student” award from the NSC. After graduation Alexander worked part-time for a group of radio stations in Destin, Florida. He was quickly recruited to work full-time for Turnstile Publishing creating videos for Golfweek TV. Alexander became a video editor and traveled all over the United States and Ireland focusing on amateur and college golf.

Like several companies in 2008, Turnstile Publishing needed to make major cutbacks within the company and had to let Alexander go.

“It wasn’t easy,” Alexander said. He was on assignment in Albuquerque when he got the news that his position had been eliminated. He took the news fairly well and knew that since he was one of the more recent hires that he was being let go because of tough economic times and not because of his work.

“After the first couple of hours, I hit the ground running,” Alexander said. He moved back in with his parents, he started contacting every person he had previously worked with and secured several freelance projects. His advice for recent UCF grads that are looking for jobs is to work as hard as possible and make as many contacts as possible.

“One thing that I’ve learned, and especially recently, is that having a negative attitude and being frustrated accomplishes nothing,” Alexander said. “If you take a breath and assess the situation in front of you and try to figure out how to fix it you’ll be better off.”

Alexander kept working every part-time and freelance job he could find including a position with Qantum Radio in Destin, Florida. He became the interim Production Director and Mid-day host on WMXZ Mix 103.1 FM as “Johnny C.” In his free time Alexander made a series of web videos that have developed a cult following in the Florida Panhandle known as “Dose of Johnny C.”

The series has now formed to it’s own website, which you can view here. The series also caught the attention of the editor of the area’s entertainment newspaper, “The Beachcomber,” Chris Manson. After seeing the videos, he made Alexander a contributing writer.

In 2011, after three years of working various part-time jobs, Alexander was promoted to full-time Production Director at Qantum Radio.

“I would have to attribute my versatility in my work to working in the RTV facilities at the Nicholson School of Communication,” Alexander said. “I wouldn’t be as much of an asset to the radio station if it wasn’t for my experience at NSC.”

In 2012, the stations were bought by Apex Broadcasting and Alexander’s role changed again. Since his experience is so diverse he was able to help develop new imaging for the stations while still holding his position as Production Director. He is also on-air on Saturday mid-days on Apex’s 100,000 watt country station, Highway 98.1 Country as well as on Saturday and Sunday afternoons on Q92. Alexander also helped produce two syndicated shows for Q92 and fills in for the full-time air talent when needed. He still emcees events, continues to write for the Beachcomber and connects with his community through his video series “Dose of Johnny C.”


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