NSC Hosts Third Annual International Crisis and Risk Communication Conference

The Nicholson School of Communication (NSC) hosted the third annual International Crisis and Risk Communication (ICRC) Conference at the Student Union from March 4 to 6. logo

The annual ICRC Conference brings together the leading experts in both academic and professional fields. The collaboration provides insights and understanding into what constitutes successful and at times unsuccessful crisis and risk communication. This year’s theme was “Rethinking Media.”

Discussions held during the conference allowed participants to share, discuss, interact and network with professionals, practitioners and scholars alike in realms of theory and practice. The conference shared current research findings and proven best practices, which provided attendees the opportunity to learn, grow and enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities.

The first day of the conference consisted of two pre-conference workshops, which attendees could choose to attend in addition to the general and breakout sessions available on March 5 and 6. The two offered workshops were “Media Survival Skills Tactical Training Workshop” and “Crisis Communication Boot Camp.” The Survival Skills workshop was administered by LJT Associates (aviation communication consultants) and covered their proven methods and principles for media survival. The Crisis Communication Boot Camp was led by The Media Skills Academy and discussed how to be “physically fit” to handle a crisis.

The subsequent days of the conference were filled with many impressive nationally and internationally renowned speakers. The conference was highlighted by the keynote speaker’s presentation by NSC Professor Dr. W. Timothy Coombs and his presentation was “Sorting Reality from Hype: Creating Rules for Social Media Crises.” Coombs’ presentation explored the hype over social media and how social media crises differ from traditional crises. It also identified rules for managing social media crises. The second day of the conference ended with a beautiful networking reception adjacent to UCF’s Reflecting Pond.

The third and final day of the conference featured investigative reporter Jerry Mitchell as the keynote speaker. His presentation was “Dealing with Press during Crises: A Real Life Muckraker Tells All.” For his presentation, Mitchell drew key examples from his historic career to display the importance of truth, trust, integrity and transparency when communicating with the press. Mitchell also challenged crisis communicators to consider such issues as they communicate with the media and public.

Save the date for the fourth annual ICRC Conference. It will be from March 3, 2014 to March 6, 2014. The 2014 conference theme will be “The Human Element.”

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