Online Class Revamp Earns Psychology Lecturer Top Marks from UCF

UCF prides itself on the quality of its online learning, but the competition was extra steep in 2020 when digital instruction became the widespread norm. So it’s all the more impressive when the Department of Psychology’s Martha Hubertz, Ph.D., landed the annual award for exemplary leadership in online teaching.

Hubertz received the Chuck Dzubian Award for Excellence in Online Teaching for her refurbishment of SOP 3004 Social Psychology.

“My goal with this redesign was to make students feel more connected to online learning so that they feel like true, authentic Knights, even with how uncertain everything is right now,” said Hubertz.

One of the main concerns of Hubertz was how students that have never taken a course at UCF would receive their introduction to the University over the computer. As one of the first contacts with the university (over 70% of the class are transfers), “I want to make sure students feel welcomed and know that they have a professor that cares,” Hubertz said.

Tweaks made to the online course for the Fall 2020 semester range from more interactive course material like online discussions to easy-to-find links to campus resources. Accessibility and ease of use were top of mind, Hubertz explains.

The Chuck Dzubian award includes a plaque commemorating Hubertz, as well as $1000 for travel. Each year it is presented at the 2021 Spring Showcase session of IDL6543–an award-winning, flagship program for the development and design of online courses.

“UCF is a very award-driven University, and there is so much competition among the amazing faculty. I was honored to receive this award,” Hubertz said.

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