Ph.D. Student Wins Research Award


The Florida Network for Global Studies (FNGS) held its 2018 Florida International Summit on January 30, 2018, at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

As part of the summit`s program, FNGS organized its first undergraduate and graduate student research poster competition on the topic of Transatlantic Security. Sandor Fabian, a first-year Ph.D student in the Security Studies program in UCF’s Political Science Department, won the best graduate student poster award for his research on “North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – To Reform or Not to Reform that Must Not Be the Question.”

In his research, Sandor argues that recent developments demonstrate both state and non-state opponents clearly have chosen to offset NATO’s conventional military superiority and thereby present a complex challenge. The question that emerges is, how should NATO adapt to the new challenges and what factors might contribute to NATO`s successful adaptation. The argument starts with a quick revision of the fundamental challenges that NATO is facing and analyzes the alliance`s recently developed strategic approach. The research then discusses the key weaknesses of NATO’s approach and offers a possible alternative strategy for alliance members. Fabian finds that the redefinition of security and defense, the restructuring of defense establishments, and the revision of the role of technology in military strategy are the key factors for future transatlantic security and suggests abandoning yesterday’s concepts and tools to successfully meet future challenges.

Congratulations, Sandor!

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