UCF’s Hall to Early Success


As the oldest legal organization in continuous existence in the United States, predating even the American Bar Association, Phi Delta Phi has been welcomed with open arms into the UCF Community. Founded in 1869 at the University of Michigan School of Law by four law students, this organization thrives on promoting a higher standard of professional ethics. Honoring academic excellence and embracing the finest attributes of professionalism and scholarship, UCF President Chris Lawson of Phi Delta Phi shared how this organization came into existence and what an individual can gain long term after graduation.

Eager to have an opportunity to form a new organization into the legal studies community, Chris Lawson alongside Sarah Myers aimed to create a Hall at UCF. Both students and the entire board shared the same goal of creating connections for their fellow Knights as well as leaving a legacy as a member of Phi Delta Phi. “Being a member of phi Delta Phi is a mark of distinction,” says Chris Lawson. With maintaining a cumulative UCF GPA of 3.2, attending half of the general meetings and paying their national and local dues, becoming a member will allow undergraduate students with an interest in law to gain invaluable knowledge of the diverse opportunities that the legal world has to offer. It will also offer opportunities to interact with law students and legal professionals. Mr. Lawson also shared the qualities they aim for in their members stating, “Leadership, scholarship, integrity and service are qualities we look for and promote in our Knights.”

With such a determination to succeed, they are excited about this Spring 2016 semester as being the first undergraduate Hall of Phi Delta Phi ever to exist in the state of Florida and an RSO at UCF. One of their main goals for the funding board this semester is making sure that Phi Delta Phi carries on at UCF long after they have graduated. To the prospective members wanting to join, their goal is to provide volunteer experience, networking opportunities and leadership experience.


Going in with the right mindset this semester, Phi Delta Phi looks forward to a great and eventful semester. Kick starting their first meeting on January 27th, they had a compelling turnout of about 50 students. They strive on continuing to expand their organizations membership and establish themselves as a prominent resource for UCF students. “We’re looking to assist the legal minds of the future with their transition into law school, “says Mr. Lawson.









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