Remembering Dr. David Jones

David Jones - pic 2Anthropology expert, musician, and mentor, David Jones, Ph.D., passed away on Jan. 31, 2016. The retired anthropology professor and founding faculty member of the anthropology department, dedicated over 30 years of excellent service to the students, the University and the community.

A mentor to many students and faculty, Dr. Jones was known for his studies of Native American shamanism, paranormal phenomenon, dragons, and military cultural history. His love of music was evident as he often came to class with a guitar and would end class with a serenade.

During his over 30 year tenure at UCF, he collaborated with many fellow faculty in bands that would play around town. Dr. Jones was also a sensei and master of martial arts and karate.

Emeritus Professor, Ron Wallace, Ph.D., remembers him as a close colleague, a mine of information on any topic, a ‘man of letters’, a scholar, an author, and a friend.

Associate Dean and Pegasus Professor, Arlen Chase, Ph.D., remembers Dr. Jones as “one of the first individuals that I met at UCF; he was an amazing individual who… tried to impart his anthropological knowledge to his students through his story-telling and musical performances. He often played his guitar in his office when he was trying to think and write. He was a unique individual who cared deeply about the people that he studied and his students.”

Dr. Jones’ passion for learning is what many will remember, as his friends and family gathered for a private memorial service this past weekend.

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