Political Science student featured in article

Anna Eskamani, 21, vice president of College Democrats at the University of Central Florida and a Political Science student with the College of Sciences was recently featured in an article by the Orlando Sentinel about social media and politics.

“Supporters who share behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of a political gathering, party goals and accomplishments on their social-media pages say they can turn virtual followers into real-world voters who also share the message.

Anna Eskamani, 21, vice president of College Democratsat the University of Central Florida, said that after she went to a White House reception in December, she posted pictures on her Facebook page of PresidentBarack Obama and the first lady meeting with her and others.

Among a mix of personal, nonpolitical status updates and images, a picture she posted of her 2012 Democratic National Committee membership card sparked questions from friends on how to join the party and make donations.

‘It really helped pump up our base,” she said. “When I post political images or political status updates, people are really driven to that. It’s great for recruitment.'”

Read the full article here.

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