Sociology Professor Appointed to Area Editor of ‘TRAILS’


Professor of Sociology at the University of Central Florida Elizabeth Grauerholz, Ph.D., has been appointed as area editor for the American Sociological Association’s TRAILS (Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology).

TRAILS is an electronic database of peer-reviewed teaching and learning materials, such as syllabi, assignments, and class activities designed for teaching sociology. Grauerholz will serve as the area editor for ASA’s Animals and Society section, and will assist in the subject areas of Teaching and Learning in Sociology and the Introduction of Sociology. Specifically, she will be recruiting and reviewing submissions relevant to these three areas. The position is for a 3-year term.

“Serving as area editor for TRAILS will help ensure that teachers nationally and internationally have access to high-quality resources as they design and teach courses,” Grauerholz said.

Grauerholz, who teaches a course on animals and health and a graduate seminar on teaching, said the appointment will be beneficial in more ways than one.

“It will allow me to mentor other teacher-scholars in these areas who are engaged in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning,” she explained. “These efforts will help improve teaching beyond my classroom.”


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