Student Represents UCF at NAFAC

Each year since 1960, the U.S. Naval Academy has hosted a gathering of undergraduates from around the United States and the world who come together in the spring to discuss a theme from current global affairs. The Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference (NAFAC) has grown to be the leading undergraduate conference in the country. Political science major, Karla Aurazo, participated in this year’s conference. Here’s what she had to say:

“It was an honor to represent the University of Central Florida as a delegate at the United States NAFAC. The theme, Guarding Liberty in a World of Democratic Undoing, engaged 150 delegates, including foreign students, international military, domestic military and undergraduates, to address the challenges global democracy faces. Fifteen round-tables gathered to discuss topics related to Democratic Undoing. As I partook in the discussion of “Russia’s Subversion of Democracy”, I participated and closely listened to the insight of fellow delegates and fully experienced senior advisors. A series of panels and speakers allowed us to expand our perspective on this issue, as we witnessed ambassadors, commanders, lecturers and presidents of non-profits discuss the rise of autocracy. I was impressed by the fearless questions posed to address tyranny, civic culture, credibility in world leaders, ethics and autocracy. I am grateful to have experienced this conference in a civil way and look forward to the hope and encouragement instilled in us for a generation of bold new leaders. Remarks by Dr. Snyder and Amb. Brigety especially touched my soul. The state of democracy, is truly, in our hands.”

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