Swedish Study Abroad Opportunity Now Open to Students

UCF and Malmö University (MU) have recently signed a student exchange agreement, opening the opportunity for UCF students to spend a fall semester at Malmö University. In an effort to boost existing linkages and establish research cooperation between these universities, a UCF faculty member recently visited MU. Güneş Murat Tezcür, Jalal Talabani Chair and Professor of Political Science, was a visiting faculty member at the Department of Global Political Studies at Malmö University for three weeks in December 2018 and January 2019. During his stay, Dr. Tezcür delivered a research talk titled “Revisiting the ‘Ancient Hatreds’ Thesis: Explaining the Islamic State’s Campaign against the Yazidis,” was a guest lecturer in an undergraduate seminar on “Enemy Images,” had extensive meetings with faculty and staff and interacted with students. His visit paved the way for deepening collaboration with UCF and MU in terms of joint research projects, especially on topics like political radicalism and extremist movements.

“Political issues we face in contemporary times have global dynamics and implications. Developing institutional links with foreign universities that facilitate our scholarly understanding of these issues and lead to common research agendas is an invaluable asset. Consistent with UCF’s efforts at internationalization, my visit aimed to build on an existing connection and take it to the next step,” Tezcür said. 

Said Tezcür: “Spending a semester abroad would be the highlight of a student’s time at college. The exchange program between UCF and MU presents an excellent opportunity for our students to enrich their college experience. They can take courses in English and get exposed to intellectual and academic perspectives they are not familiar with. MU is a thriving urban higher-learning institution with a very internationalized student body. It is located in a charming and diverse city that is also very convenient to navigate. Our students will find a very welcoming and stimulating atmosphere there. They can use Malmö as a hub to make trips to other parts of Sweden and northern Europe. Several MU students are already visiting UCF campus for a semester in spring 2019.” 

Malmö University, founded as a college in 1998 and granted full university status in 2018, is a large university with more than 24,000 students. It is located at the heart of Malmö, the largest city in southwestern Sweden with a history going back to the late medieval ages. The university has been central to the city’s revival as a center of learning in the 21st Century. It espouses a multi-disciplinary approach with extensive research facilities on urban studies and migration.

Malmö offers a unique vibe with its cobblestone squares, waterfront vistas, public bath and parks, and lively and cosmopolitan neighborhoods with a great variety of food and shopping options.  Turning Torso, the tallest building in Scandinavia completed in 2005, is the symbol of the city’s contemporary rejuvenation. It has an excellent public transportation system and provides highly reliable public services. Its main train station is less than half an hour via Øresund Bridge to Copenhagen International Airport with its extensive international flight connections.

Dr. Tezcür extends his special thanks to Lena Isaksson and Maria English of Malmö University for their generous hospitality during his stay.

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