Terrorism: A Ubiquitous Peril

MarcosAlthough terrorism is not a novel threat, it is certainly becoming more versatile in nature. Terrorism is an ever present peril that invades people’s lives and thoughts, destroying homes and properties, and leading to social, economic, and political changes.

Marcos Degaut, a Ph.D student in Security Studies, has published a new book “”O Desafio Global do Terrorismo: Política e Segurança Internacional em tempos de instabilidade” (The Global Challenge of Terrorism: International Politics and Security in times of instability). In the book, he scrutinizes many terrorism issues such as its origins, what are its sources of financing, what are some of the most common measures adopted to counter terrorist threats and how does it impact societies.

Despite the importance of the subject, the terrorism phenomenon remains poorly understood and inadequately explained.  The answers to these questions have practical implications for those affected by the terrorist scourge. In the book, Mr. Degaut explores the concepts of terrorism, invoking a needed conversation about the conditions, nature, and effects.

The book is available in Portuguese and can be found here.

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