The Fight for Social Justice – Distinguished Speaker This Monday, 3/10


UCF College of Sciences presents

“Courting Social Justice:  Social & Economic Rights in the Developing World”

Distinguished Speaker Dr. Varun Gauri, Senior Economist with the Development Research Group of the World Bank

Monday, 3/10/2014 4:30pm-5:30pm

College of Sciences Building (CSB), Room 101

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Dr. Gauri will discuss the approach governments in the developing world are taking in terms of social justice and the fight against poverty.  The United States Constitution does not include rights to health care, education, and a minimum livelihood, but most constitutions in the world now incorporate social and economic rights and courts are starting to enforce them. International treaties and new government approaches are also incorporating social and economic rights in the fight against poverty. This lecture will address these issues and if this approach has been successful, who is benefitting and how easy it is to change values and norms about poverty reduction.

About Dr. Varun Gauri
Dr. Varun Gauri is a Senior Economist with the Development Research Group of the World Bank.  He addresses major social problems in the developing world from a cross-disciplinary perspective.  His research draws on theories and methods from economics, political science, and philosophy to study how national and international governance systems affect human welfare in poor societies.  He has published articles in leading journals on topics that include the enforcement of social and economic rights, the political economy of responses to HIV/AIDS, the strategic choices of development NGOs, customary legal systems, and healthcare and education governance.  His PhD is in Public Policy from Princeton University and he has held academic posts at Princeton University and ILADES in Santiago, Chile.


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