The Summer of Security and Terrorism

Every yeMarcosar a fresh crop of Ph.D. students in Political Science arrive to expand knowledge in an area of extreme relevance such as an emphasis on national and international security, but in this field what exactly does security mean? Marcos Degaut, a Ph. D. candidate in Security Studies, has stated in his recently published theoretical paper, “The study of security lies at the heart of International Relations.” The paper, “What is Security”,  was published by the Brazilian Intelligence Review, an official publication of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (ABIN), it presents attention to the context of security as well as highlighting concepts of Realism, Liberalism and Constructivism.

Here you will find the link to the publication.

This was not all Mr. Deguat accomplished this summer, he also published an op-ed entitled “Diplomacy of Results” in Brazil’s leading newspaper, Folha de São Paulo. With having the background in international affairs and political economy, he presents topics related to Brazilian foreign policy as well as adhering to questions on statistical data presented by the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Finally, Mr. Degaut had the honor of taking part in the National Expression debate. This debate is nationally televised and produced by the House of Representatives,  it explores the prospects of terrorism in Brazil and preparing the people for the consequences of terrorism acts. The debate included the president of the Commission of Foreign Affairs and Defense, and the Commission of Intelligence Control, the Minority Leader, and the Director of the Counterterrorism Office of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency.

Here you will find the link to the debate.

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