Top 100 Creatives

Jacques 300They inspire us.  Many are legends.  They create art.  They create beauty.  Most importantly, they create change.  Dr. Peter Jacques, associate professor in the political science department at the University of Central Florida, is featured in this month’s edition of Origin Magazine as one of the Top 100 Creatives.

Jacques teaches environmental politics of various brands – global, urban, US domestic, as well as a class called “sustainability”, which covers the ways in which societies sustain themselves or fail.

He is currently the Managing Executive Editor for the Journal of Environmental Studies and Science (JESS), the flagship journal for the Association of Environmental Studies and Science and published by Springer.

His work has a few angles to it: general issues in sustainability such as food security; analysis of environmental and climate denial, and ocean politics (He is developing a field of integrated marine social science, or “social oceanography.”)

In the interview with Origin Magazine, Jacques was asked about his passion.

“My passion is teaching students to think about a world that works for one hundred percent of humanity.  However, so long as the rules of society are determined by elites in an increasingly unequal world,more and more people will struggle to survive, and the web of life on Earth will continue to unfurl.  Equipping people to think about what true sustainability will require is my passion.”

We congratulate Dr. Peter Jacques on this worthy recognition!

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