UCF Alumnus Klinks Drinks to Doorsteps

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Craig Bolz, ’14, clearly remembers the moment his company, Klink, closed its first deal. After months of hard work and financial investment into building his company, the day they partnered with a liquor store on deliveries was an unforgettable day.

Bolz is founding partner and chief operating officer of Klink, the mobile app and website that provides a way for users to order beer, wine and spirits for delivery in less than an hour. Users just set their location, choose from a curated selection of drinks and present their ID when the order arrives at their doorstep. Not only does the website offer door delivery, but also offers cocktail recipes, food pairings, drinking games, product stories, and even on-demand mixologists.

Since its 2013 founding, Klink now partners with a network of licensed retailers that process and fulfill all deliveries, giving local store owners the opportunity to expand their reach and relevance. “Brands, too, are finding new and exciting ways to interact with customers using Klink’s technology and networks,” Bolz explained.

Bolz graduated UCF with a bachelor’s degree in political science and minor in finance in 2014. Since he launched Klink, his company has been highlighted in editorials such as the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, the Washington Post, and the list goes on.

Bolz shared more on his experience at UCF and current career.

Why did you choose to attend UCF?

I was ultimately persuaded by wanting to stay in Florida because of the Bright Futures program. Also I went to a small prep school for High school and wanted to experience something different.

How has your UCF degree helped you in your career?

Having pursued entrepreneurship versus a traditional career path, I found the Blackstone Launchpad at UCF to be incredibly helpful. When I was building Klink in my senior year at UCF I was there almost every day consulting with Pam Hoelzle and other mentors that would visit. The Launchpad was invaluable to us early-on for advice and strategic introductions. The Launchpad is responsible for the current entrepreneurial renaissance at UCF, they are helping hundreds of students launch ventures every year. The program is truly world class. 

Were you involved in any extracurricular activities at UCF?

I was president of the Young Investors Club. 

Have you stayed involved with UCF since graduation?

I was invited back to speak at the Blackstone Launchpad twice since graduating. 

What is your best UCF memory?

A few year ago a group of my friends and I went to Universal Knights and towards the end of the night the park got hit by a torrential downpour. Ultimately everyone got soaked and hundreds of UCF students were chanting the UCF knight’s song on the Popeye ride in the middle of the rain storm. Afterward everyone ended up at Columbia Burger off I-drive at around 4 am. 

What is your favorite thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is that as an entrepreneur I can create my own destiny. Instead of being delegated tasks to do and having a set wage I can create and innovate. Also, the free samples of scotch are not bad! 

What is your most memorable experience on the job?

When we publicly announced our partnership with Anheuser-Busch-InBev the story was picked up and Klink was profiled by the Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine, and Adage in the same day.  

What piece of advice would you give to current students as well as UCF alumni?

When having a goal it is essential to stop viewing problems as obstacles but instead as opportunities. The great Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius once said, “The impediment to action advances the action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” 

Bolz answered some more questions in our “get to know you” portion of the spotlight.

What is something most people do not know about you?

I try to read a book every two weeks. 

What do you do for fun?

I love traveling. 

What is your favorite place to visit?


What is your favorite holiday (and why)?

New Year’s Eve because it is always the best celebration. 



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