UCF Chemists Work on Cure for Cancer

Kevin Belfield and his team of chemists were featured on Fox 35 for their work on a new potential cure for cancer.This new therapy uses organic Photo: Fox 35salt and light to kill cancer cells, potentially treating four types of cancer: melanoma, breast, colon, and prostate cancer.

The technique is a simple way around a problem that has frustrated researchers for years. For photodynamic therapy (the special laser-light treatment) to work, cancer cells loaded with photosensitizers need oxygen to trigger the fatal reaction. But by their very nature, most cancer cells lack oxygen. Nonetheless, scientists were intent on making the photodynamic system work because it offers a way to target cancer cells deep within human tissue without causing a lot of collateral damage.

Instead of focusing on oxygen, Belfield flipped the problem around and found another way to poison the bad cells, while protecting the healthy ones.

To watch the featured segment, click here.

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