UCF Instructional Video Nominated For Regional Emmy Award

Rick Brunson

A powerful video detailing a journalist’s approach to her work has earned a Suncoast Regional Emmy Award nomination for the UCF team that produced it.

The project, titled “Ethics in Journalism: A Morning with Nancy Alvarez,” explores the decisions the Channel 9 anchor made approaching news coverage of two major Orlando stories: the Pulse nightclub shooting and Hurricane Maria.

Throughout the 13-minute interview, Alvarez emphasizes the importance of blending human compassion with objectivity as a reporter.

“You’re a human first. You’re a person first. And that makes you a better journalist,” she tells viewers.

The video was the idea of Associate Instructor Rick Brunson, who wanted to bring the principles he teaches in the Nicholson School of Communication and Media to life. Executing the video was Aaron Hose, who produces content at The Center for Distributed Learning at UCF.

“If there is one thing I aim to teach my students it is to stay ethical no matter what. Nancy Alvarez is the epitome of an ethical journalist, and I want my students to have her as a role model,” Brunson said.

The instructional video competes against three other productions on Dec. 14.

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