UCF Sociologists Encourage Social Activism

Melanie Sberna Hinojosa, Ph.D., and Ramon Hinojosa, Ph.D, assistant professors in the Department of Sociology, were selected to give a presentation on the role of civic engagement in undergraduate leadership. The presentation, held as a part of the University of Central Florida’s LEAD Scholars Leadership Week, will take place in Feb., 2017.

The presentation titled “Engaging in Social Activism to Reduce Social Injustice” will be for undergraduate students participating in leadership week as part of the LEAD Scholars program. Students will learn about the different ways they can become engaged in community organizations that are centered on reducing social injustice in the community, state, or nation.

After understanding what social activism is, students will gain insight on social activism through research using community-based participatory research approaches, leadership opportunities in non-profit organizations addressing social injustice, potential opportunities to become involved with public and community education programs, and involvement in local government.

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