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GIS Day 2019 Introduces New Careers to Central Florida K-12 Students

The Pegasus Ballroom was buzzing with drones and excited conversations Thursday for GIS Day 2019. GIS Day presents students with hands-on activities that teach them about GIS (geographic information system) mapping, drones and coding for apps. “Students use these apps and services every day, but they don’t realize that they are using GIS. We’re using […]

Puerto Rican Student Bridges Heritage and Home with Club

When Jose Rivera arrived at University of Central Florida in 2017, his hope was to experience life beyond his home in San Juan, Puerto Rico. But as much as he loved experiencing Central Florida, he still yearned for a cultural connection to his home. That inspired Rivera to start the Puerto Rican Student Association, which, […]

Sober Truths

BY ROBERT STEPHENS The celebratory parties outside Spectrum Stadium had been underway long before UCF began its 45-27 defeat of Stanford on Sept. 13. Most of the tailgate scenes were what you’d expect — flags, finger sandwiches and anywhere from 5-to-40 percent alcohol by volume. One, however, stood out. Not just because about 75 people […]