Welcome to the UCF Department of Chemistry in beautiful and exciting Central Florida!  We have a growing and diverse population of faculty and students carrying out research in five broad areas of study: materials, biochemistry, environmental chemistry, forensic chemistry, and chemistry education research.  Our faculty collaborate with the National Center of Forensic Science, the Nanoscience and Technology Center, The College of Optics and Photonics, The College of Engineering and Computer Science and The College of Community Innovation and Education, thus preparing our students for complex problem solving in an interdisciplinary world.

The Department of Chemistry has moved to primarily remote operations in response to COVID-19. Phones may be unavailable during this time.  Email ChemStaff@ucf.edu for general or department related questions.  Advisor contact information for our Chemistry and Forensic Science Undergraduate programs can be found listed under the Undergraduate tab, for each major, and advising is available via ChemForensicsAdvise@ucf.edu.

More information, updates and FAQs can be found here.

All faculty and staff are available by email, and contact information can be located in People.

Students who wish to set up a time to discuss matters that may require more attention, (i.e. overrides, general course questions, etc.) can scan the QR code below to request an appointment via Zoom or phone.


UCF has 200,000 alumni stay in Florida to work in business, sales, or in research areas like nanotechnology, engineering, biomedical sciences or pharmaceuticals.  At UCF, we practice what we teach.  That’s why we are America’s Partnership University.

Our chemistry faculty members are actively engaged in collaborative, cutting-edge research. Our faculty members are involved in several research areas and joint collaborations with university partners.  Our undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to engage and participate with the resources available to them at the department and university level.

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