Gifts to the UCF Foundation provide critical support for students, faculty, programs and facilities. Gifts from our alumni, friends, community and charitable organizations enrich academic programs, help purchase equipment and allow UCF to continue to offer special opportunities to students and faculty. We invite you to take a look at some of the giving opportunities available within the UCF Department of Chemistry.


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Chemistry General Fund

Giving to the Chemistry General Fund is a great way to target your gift to the Department. Needs change with time but could include anything from helping repair equipment for student research projects to purchase of materials for the Chemistry Tutoring Center. Your gift to the Chemistry General Fund allows the Department to address its most pressing needs.

To give to this fund, please click the Give Now button and type “Chemistry General” Fund in the comments section.

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Chemistry Forensic Science Fund

Forensic Sciences is an important program of the Chemistry Department. Our Forensic Science (Forensic Chemistry B.S. and Forensic Biochemistry B.S.) program meets all requirements for American Chemical Society approved degrees and the program is now FEPAC (Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission) accredited. This makes our Forensic Science B.S. program one of only a few in the country to have both those designations. Your gift to this fund will go to support student activities in pursuing the Forensic Chemistry and Forensic Biochemistry degrees.

To give to this fund, please click the Give Now button and type “Chemistry Forensic Science” Fund in the comments section.

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Chemistry Family Memorial Fund

The Chemistry Department operates much like a family. Students, staff, and faculty all work together to teach, learn, and improve the chemical sciences. In this mission, we are very dependent upon each other, gain strength and insight from our relationships and in the process, we inspire each other to accomplish loftier goals. Alumni can often trace their career success back to a faculty member, staff member or fellow student who inspired or awakened their love of Chemistry. Your gift to this fund is a great way to honor a former member of the Department who holds a special place in your life.

To give to this fund, please click the Give Now button and type “Chemistry Family Memorial Fund” and please include the name of the Chemistry Family member you are honoring, if appropriate, in the comments section.

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Undergraduate Chemistry & Forensic Science Scholarship Fund

Giving to the Undergraduate Chemistry and Forensic Science Scholarship Fund directly supports the educational goals of students seeking a career in the Chemical Sciences. University level education expenses can be daunting for students. Donations to this fund will provide funds to help with those expenses.

To give to this fund, please click the Give Now button and type “Undergraduate Chemistry & Forensic Science” Fund in the comments section.

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Once a Knight, always a Knight

Supporting UCF is a big part of what it means to be an AlumKnight!

More than 100,000 UCF alumni live and work in the Central Florida region, but it isn’t the only place we’re represented. Our alumni are our brand ambassadors, boosting UCF’s reputation nationwide. Every gift (big or small) to UCF Chemistry counts.

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Keeping in touch has rewards

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