Our department offers graduate programs aimed at preparing students for careers in the chemical sciences. Our programs focus on research and comprehensive formal coursework. UCF’s chemistry department is fostering the intellectual capital necessary to create leaders in the chemical industry that help resolve today’s problems, improve the quality of life, and provide local and national economic growth. If you wish to pursue a graduate program within our chemistry department please apply through the College of Graduate Studies.

Chemistry M.S. Forensic Science M.S. Chemistry Ph.D. Apply now!

Our faculty, staff, and current graduate students would like to welcome you to our community. The department looks forward to your success as a graduate student.

As a newly admitted student please look at the following resources below to better acquaint yourself with our program and University.

New Student Checklist Graduate Resources Graduate Plan of Study Housing



Advisor Selection

All incoming Chemistry Ph.D. and Chemistry M.S. students will need to select a research advisor by the end of their first semester. A large amount of your time in the graduate program will involve research, so it is important that you select a research group that you find interesting and in-line with your research goals.

The advisor selection process involves meeting with five faculty members and selecting your top three choices. The department will contact the advisors by listed order.

You must collect the signature of each advisor you meet with and then turn in the selection form to Michelle Salcedo Prieto, the Graduate Program Assistant.

Advisor Selection Form

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Aurosia Nguyen, Graduate Support Specialist, for further assistance.


Additional Resources

Faculty by Research Areas Faculty Profiles Graduate Faculty UCF Partnerships


Orientation for newly admitted Chemistry M.S. and Chemistry Ph.D. students lasts one full week and includes proficiency exams, lab safety, GTA training, and registration advising. Each orientation day will last approximately from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. with an hour lunch break. Attendance is mandatory.

Additional Orientations

The Graduate College offers a University-wide orientation. This orientation is not mandatory but recommended. International students are expected to attend a mandatory immigration orientation session. Incoming graduate teaching assistants and graders are expected to complete all of the mandatory training before the beginning of classes. The department will contact you with the level of training you will be required to take.

Proficiency Exam Policy

Students in the Chemistry Ph.D. and Chemistry M.S. programs are required to pass four standardized proficiency exams within their first two semesters.

Students will be given American Chemical Society (ACS) standardized proficiency exams in the  following areas of Chemistry:

  • Analytical
  • Biochemistry
  • Inorganic
  • Organic
  • Physical

Administration and grading of these will be the responsibility of the division coordinators of each sub-discipline. These exams must be passed in order to move on and complete the related graduate level core courses. If a student does not successfully pass the exam(s) during their first semester, they have the opportunity to retake the exam(s) at the beginning of the following semester or participate in the undergraduate level course. It is expected that the proficiency requirement be completed within a the first year. The exams are provided during orientation week. All incoming students are expected to be present for the exams.

Student study materials are available online.

Core Courses Related to Proficiency Exams:

*Once the proficiency exam is completed, students may register for the related graduate level course.

  • Analytical Proficiency = Applied Analytical Chemistry (CHM 6710)
  • Biochemistry Proficiency = Applied Biochemistry (BCH 6740)
  • Inorganic Proficiency = Kinetics & Catalysis (CHM 6440)
  • Organic Proficiency = Applied Organic Synthesis (CHS 6251)
  • Physical Proficiency = Chemical Thermodynamics (CHS 6240)
* No students are exempt from the proficiency exam requirement even if he or she has already completed the necessary coursework or has received a B.S. from UCF.