Masters Programs

Chemistry M.S.

The Master of Science in Chemistry (MS) program prepares students for careers in the chemical industry or further graduate studies.The curriculum is designed to provide a broad overall perspective of the chemical sciences field while placing the primary emphasis upon chemistry and the application of chemical principles.

This program concentrates in four technical focal areas:

  • Materials Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Forensic Science
  • Chemistry Education Research (CER)
Chemistry M.S., Graduate Catalog


Forensic Science M.S.

The Forensic Science Master Program is designed to service the needs of both practicing professionals and full time students who desire an advanced program of study in the forensic analysis of biological materials.

Forensic Science M.S., Graduate Catalog



Doctoral Program

Chemistry Ph.D.

The Chemistry PhD program focuses on Materials Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Forensic Science and Biochemistry. The training prepares future scientists and educators for research within contemporary fields to accommodate changing and growing industry demands.

The PhD program in Chemistry provides a doctoral education in three technical focal areas: Materials Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Forensic Science and Biochemistry, drawing upon the strengths of the Department of Chemistry and other units, such as the College of Optics and Photonics and Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center. These areas meet the ever-pressing demand for the development of new materials and the increasing urgency of addressing crucial environmental and security problems. The curriculum has been formulated in collaboration with industrial scientists and represents a response to current and projected competencies needed by the industry. The purpose of the program is to develop scientists and educators capable of conducting research to solve important problems in contemporary fields of the chemical sciences while preparing a highly skilled work force to ensure the technological/economic health and competitiveness in central Florida.

Chemistry Ph.D., Graduate Catalog