The undergraduate degree program in chemistry is accredited by the American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training. It prepares the student for career opportunities in the chemical or related industries, or in government laboratories. The program also prepares students for further study at the graduate level in chemistry or in a related area such as pharmacology or toxicology. With an appropriate choice of electives it also constitutes excellent preparation for the professional schools of dentistry, medicine, and veterinary medicine.

Degree Requirements

Degree requirements may change from year to year. To insure that you are receiving accurate information, please choose your appropriate catalog year, then look up your degree requirements. Our program also offers a Chemistry Minor, which is a 28 credit-hour program that exposes students to a range of sub-disciplines, including Organic, Forensic, and Physical Chemistry.

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Student Highlights

The Department of Chemistry has a multifaceted mission that includes providing the best education possible for our students, contributing significantly to tomorrow’s knowledge through research, and being of service to our discipline, university, community, state and nation. Chemistry is the central science and has a strong relationship with other departments and institutes. Central to our efforts to provide the best possible education for our students is the maintenance of a contemporary and sound curriculum, using guidelines provided by the American Chemical Society. Since chemistry is a laboratory science, special attention is given to the laboratory component of our curriculum. Our research efforts involves faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and are significant teaching components. Solving research problems give students more experience in critical thinking and problem solving than any other component of their education–empowering students with capabilities which will make them better contributors to their employers and society.

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Tutoring Center

The Chemistry Department offers free tutoring to all University of Central Florida students taking: CHS1440, CHM1032, CHM2045, CHM2045H, CHM2046, CHM 2210 and CHM 2211.

The sessions are led by our Graduate Teaching Assistants.

Located: Chemistry Building Room 321.

Chemistry Tutoring  Center is closed during the Summer semester.

Placement Exam

Students who require a higher-level Chemistry course in ANY year of study, without having ever taken CHM 2045C before, are required to take the Chemistry Placement exam. You are allowed only one hour to complete this exam. You are not eligible to take this placement exam more than once.

Students interested in majors that require CHM 2045C MUST take this exam. For majors that require only CHS 1440C, the placement exam is not required. CHS 1440C will not satisfy the pre-requisite for CHM 2046.

Majors that Require Chemistry

To request access to this exam, send an e-mail to the Chemistry Department with your full name and NID in the body of the email using your Knights E-mail account. You will receive a login, password, and instructions on how to complete the exam within several days.

If you have questions concerning the Chemistry Placement exam, please read the automated email you will receive upon registration, before contacting the Chemistry Department. For technical difficulties with the exam, please contact the Chemistry Department.

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The College of Sciences Academic Services (“COSAS”) is the primary office charged with providing academic assistance to undergraduate students within the College of Sciences. They help students with matters concerning college and university requirements, policies, and procedures. Students use their services primarily by walk-in, or by appointment for advising and special problems.

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Departmental Advisor

Every student has a major departmental advising office available to assist them with specific concerns in relation to their degree. The departmental advisor is typically a faculty member or administrator that works specifically with your major and is an expert in your field of study. Departmental advisor availability varies from major to major, so please contact your program directly for additional information. You can visit your Departmental Advisor for:

  • Major Specific Questions
  • Class Scheduling
  • Course Content Questions
  • Internships
  • Independent Studies
  • Career Information
Departmental Advisor Lookup

Chemistry Undergraduate Coordinator

Office Hours are by appointment only.

Pedro Patino

Pedro Patino

Chemistry Undergraduate Coordinator