The UCF Department of Political Science strives to provide excellence in teaching at all levels of higher education to prepare a diverse student body for career and life success as engaged citizens; to achieve national and international prominence for excellence in research and graduate education; and to contribute to the university, community, and profession through service and partnerships and through its affiliated Centers, Institutes and Programs

Political Science Mission Statement

The Political Science Department prepares undergraduate and graduate students for careers and as engaged citizens with a global outlook. We do so by providing instruction about theoretical, empirical, and methodological aspects of understanding and analyzing politics, international relations, and global studies. In educating students, we emphasize critical thinking and analysis to prepare them for lifelong learning. Faculty members maintain active and cutting-edge research agendas to gain national and international prominence. Departmental faculty provide meaningful service to the university, community, and profession by participating in university governance, community partnerships and media outreach, K-12 education, and in professional associations. The Political Science Department values diverse faculty and students and aims to serve the needs of a diverse student body. We enrich our students’ education and reach out to the UCF, the Central Florida community, nationally, and internationally through the work and activities by the Centers, Institutes, and Programs housed in the Political Science Department.

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