Model UN Students Take Home Honors at Conference in Athens, Georgia 

UCF’s Model United Nations group is a part of the School of Politics, Security, and International Affairs and prepares students to be active and informed citizens. The group recently participated in the inaugural Model UN Conference at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. The team’s delegations represented Albania, Angola and Argentina.  

Model UN students standing in a group photo at the Model UN Conference at the University of Georgia
Front row, left to right: Anna Reed, Isabella Commorato, David Godlewski, Alexander Georgiev, Caleb Rose, Danielle Pickett and Katherine Weiss 
Back row, left to right: Sebastian Gonzalez, Zac Holley, Max Seltzer, Mason Fischer, Kyle Tavoletti, Vihan Yalamanchili, Ethan Casillas and Gianna Florentino; Not pictured: Carlos Yera 

At the conference in Athens, students Caleb Rose and Sebastian Gonzalez won honorable mentions. Additionally, Carlos Yero and Katherine Weiss received verbal commendations. Weiss said, “My favorite part of Model UN is the mix of the collaborative nature of the activity and the rich competition.” 

Four Model UN students standing with certificates
Left to right: Sebastian Gonzalez, Carlos Yera, Katherine Weiss and Caleb Rose  

According to Associate Lecturer and Model UN faculty advisor Paul Vasquez, Ph.D., “UCF’s student-run Model UN team competes around the United States and Canada at conferences where students from diverse backgrounds aspire to learn in a respectful and collaborative environment while assuming the profile of diplomats or other individuals and working to craft solutions to real-world and situational challenges.” 

Model UN students standing in front of the National Monument
Model UN Students at the National Collegiate Security Conference in Washington, D.C

Learn more about the School of Politics, Security, and International Affairs here.  

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