The Future of Academic Anthropology

The UCF Department of Anthropology represents the future of academic anthropology. The department has an interdisciplinary approach in archaeological, cultural, biological, linguistic, and applied/public anthropology. Through its combination of face-to-face and online teaching and field and laboratory research, the department seeks to advance anthropological concepts by actively investigating questions of relevance to the world.

Sarah Freidline

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Most archaeologists dig down. Dr. Marla Toyne? She’s going up to study the cliffside burial grounds of a pre-Incan society.

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Archaeologists pursuing the secrets of pre-Columbian history are getting dirty to find their answers. Discover how Dr. John Walker and Dr. Neil Duncan are using mud in the jungles of Bolivia.

Curious about the origins of Homo sapiens? Talk to Dr. Sarah Freidline. She’s handled some of the oldest discovered fossils of ancient humans.

Sarah Freidline Dr. John Walker and Dr. Neil Duncan Dr. Marla Toyne Cliffside

Our faculty commit to creating an antiracist, inclusive, and diverse environment for all.

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The Central Florida Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence is proud to be holding its Spring 2023 Colloquium! For those looking to complete their Scholar status, this is the day! The topic this year is Nuclear Proliferation and Counterproliferation.