Spring 21

Jessica Clark
Title of Thesis: PXRF Analysis of Yugüe Obsidian
Thesis Chair: Brigitte Kovacevich

Genevieve Hall
Title of Thesis: An Anthropological Analysis of Ancient, Historic, and Modern Anatolian Cities
Thesis Chair: Scott Branting

Marisa Norzagaray
Title of Thesis: The Mobilizer and Mobilized: An Exploration of the “Latinx”
Thesis Chair: Nessette Falu

Andrea Ocasio-Cruz
Title of Thesis: Parallel Systems of Health Care: How Grassroots Organizations and Health Care Practitioners Perceive Farmworker Health
Thesis Chair: Beatriz Reyes-Foster

Charlotte Robinson
Title of Thesis: Fish Weirs et alia: A GIS Based Use-Analysis of Artificial, Pre-Columbian Earthworks in West Central Llanos de Mojos, Bolivia
Thesis Chair: John Walker

Fall 20

Nicholas Kopp
Title of Thesis: Social Change and Games of Chance at Gallon Jug
Thesis Chair: Brigitte Kovacevich

Chandel Perez
Title of Thesis: “The Milk is Love”: Understanding Mothers’ Emotional Attachment to Breastmilk
Thesis Chair: Beatriz Reyes-Foster

Summer 20

Corey Bazemore
Title of Thesis: Ob/Gyn Women in a #MeToo Movement World: Unraveling Agency, Gender Bias, and Gender Inequity in the Workplace
Thesis Chair: Nessette Falu

Guadalupe Rivas Navarro
Title of Thesis: ‘Yo Indocumentadx:’ Latinx Undocumented Immigrant Identity, Freedom, and Anti-Immigrant Discourses in the United States
Thesis Chair: Nessette Falu

Sarah Wenger
Title of Thesis: Examining Variation in Intentional Cranial Modification in Ancient Tucume, Peru
Thesis Chair: J. Marla Toyne

Spring 20

Javier Cintron
Title of Thesis: The Experience of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Patients in Healthcare
Thesis Chair: Joanna Mishtal

Fall 19

Akanne Torres
Title of Thesis: “Our Roots:”: Latinx Parents’ Language Ideologies Concerning Bilingualism
Thesis Chair: Beatriz Reyes-Foster

Summer 19

Michelle Labbe
Title of Thesis: Sex Determination Using Discriminant Function Analysis of Carpals from Maya Sites in Belize from Pre-Classic to Spanish Colonial Period
Thesis Chair: Lana Williams

Spring 19

Caleb Hernandez
Title of Thesis: Experiences of Young Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Latinx People in Healthcare
Thesis Chair: Joanna Mishtal

Karli Reeves
Title of Thesis: Sex Education or Self Education? LGBT+ Experiences with Exclusionary Curricula”
Thesis Chair: Joanna Mishtal

Fall 18

Justin Malcolm
Title of Thesis: A Method for Determining Damage within Historic Cemeteries: A First Step for Digital Heritage Preservation
Thesis Chair: Scott Branting

Megan Sarmento
Title of Thesis: Reimagining Drugs: An Anthropological Analysis of U.S. Drug Policy Frameworks and Student Activism
Thesis Chair: Shana Harris

Summer 18

Marley Denierio
Title of Thesis: Feeding the children: A Paleodietary Reconstruction of Juveniles from Kuelape
Thesis Chair: J. Marla Toyne

Lindsey Lefebvre
Title of Thesis: Dental age and pathological analysis of a sample of Maya juveniles from Altun Ha, a Maya Lowlands site in northeastern Belize
Thesis Chair: John J. Schultz & Lana Williams

Erin Martin
Title of Thesis: Trends in Grave Marker Attributes in Greenwood Cemetery, Orlando
Thesis Chair: John J. Schultz

Spring 18

Tyra Robinson
Title of Thesis: Comparative Headstone Analysis and Photogrammetry in Orange County, Florida
Thesis Chair: John J. Schultz

Summer 17

Emily Dovydaitis
Title of Thesis: Political Ecology of Medicinal Plant Use in Rural Nepal: Globalization, Environmental Degradation, and Cultural Transformation
Thesis Chair: Rani Vajravelu; Anthropology members: Neil Duncan and Joanna Mishtal

Amanda Sumner
Title of Thesis: New Courland, Tobago: A GIS analysis of a 17th-century settlement
Thesis Chair: Scott Branting

Spring 17

Christy Box
Title of Thesis: The Effects of Hegemonic Support of Endangered Languages on Language Ideologies
Thesis Chair: Beatriz Reyes-Foster

Jesann Gonzalez-Cruz
Title of Thesis: A Formal Study of Applied Ancient Water Management Techniques in the Present Water Crisis
Thesis Chair: Michael Callaghan

Thomas Lee
Title of Thesis: Archaeological GIS Analysis of Raised Field Agriculture in the Bolivian Amazon
Thesis Chair: John Walker

Fall 16

Mikaela Mendoza-Cardenal
Title of Thesis: Forced Motherhood? An Ethnographic Study on State Gender Expectations in Nicaragua
Thesis Chair: Beatriz Reyes-Foster

Amaris Santiago
Title of Thesis: Exploring the Therapeutic Roles of Santeria for Latinx Living in Florida
Thesis Chair: Joanna Mishtal

Summer 16

No Graduations

Spring 16

Jacqueline Devaney
Title of Thesis: Attitudes of Mothers and Daughters Towards Menstrual Suppression
Thesis Chair: Joanna Mishtal

Fall 15

Holly Bahamonde
Title of Thesis: The Effects of Western Medicine on the Livelihood of Zulu Traditional Herbal Healers in South Africa
Thesis Chair: Beatriz Reyes-Foster

Nicholas Casorio
Title of Thesis: Linguistic Relativity and Multilingualism
Thesis Chair: Beatriz Reyes-Foster

Summer 15

Maleia Mikesell
Title of Thesis: Playing with Fire: An Ethnographic Look at How Polyamory Functions in the Central Florida Burner Community
Thesis Chair: Beatriz Reyes-Foster

Shannon Payne
Title of Thesis: The Performance of Health? Motivations Behind University Students’ Decisions to Wear Athletic Attire
Thesis Chair: Joanna Mishtal

Spring 15

Tiernan Middleton
Title of Thesis: Homophobia and HIV Transmission: A Six-Country Comparative Analysis
Thesis Chair: Joanna Mishtal

Amber Morrison
Title of Thesis: Understanding Gender Identity Among Women Cosplayers of the Gotham City Sirens
Thesis Chair: Joanna Mishtal

Serenela Pelier
Title of Thesis: Stable Isotope Evidence for the Geographic Origins and Military Movement of Napoleonic Soldiers During the March from Moscow in 1812
Thesis Chair: Tosha Dupras

Fall 14

Leslie Gannon
Title of Thesis: Cultural Relevance in Medicine: An Evaluation of Cultural Competence Curriculum Integration in Southeastern Medical Schools
Thesis Chair: Joanna Mishtal

Summer 14

Vu Tran
Title of Thesis: Determining the Minimum Number of Individuals and Significance of the Kuelap Ossuary in Chachapoyas, Peru
Thesis Chair: J. Marla Toyne

Spring 14

Rebecca Young
Title of Thesis: Perceptions of Homelessness and Strategies for Receiving Services Among the Florida Homeless
Thesis Chair: Joanna Mishtal

Emily Yurasek
Title of Thesis: Native American and Alaskan Native Youth Suicide
Thesis Chair: Beatriz Reyes-Foster

Fall 2013

Armando Anzellini
Title of Thesis: Investigating Patterns of Interpersonal Violence Using Frequency Distributions of Cranial Vault Trauma
Thesis Chair: J. Marla Toyne

Jennifer Dewey
Title of Thesis:  Survey of Comparative Human and Non-human Osteology: Common Florida Species
Thesis Chair: John J. Schultz

Lorraine Humbert
Title of Thesis: A Preliminary Study for Estimating Postmortem Interval of Fabric Degradation in Central Florida
Thesis Chair: John Schultz

Spring 13

Natasha Tate
Title of Thesis: Sleeping, Napping and Staying Up: The Means of Sleep Among College Students
Thesis Chair: Joanna Mishtal

Fall 2012

Matthew Filiault
Title of Thesis: Digitization Protocols and Applications for Laser Scanning Human Bone in Forensic Anthropology
Thesis Chair: John Schultz

Summer 2012

Patrisha Reynolds
Title of Thesis: Temporal Trends in Grave Marker Attributes: An Analysis of Headstones in Florida
Thesis Chair: John Schultz

Spring 2012

Samantha Angel
Title of Thesis: Music and Paleolithic Man: The Soundtrack of Human Cognitive Development
Thesis Chair: John Walker

Kendall McCollough
Title of Thesis: Establishing the Biological Sex of Juveniles Based Upon the Primary Dentition
Thesis Chair: Tosha Dupras

Lillian Milanes
Title of Thesis: Health Care Providers’ Perspectives on Male Involvement in their Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Needs
Thesis Chair:  Joanna Mishtal

Fall 2011

David Birnbaum
Title of Thesis: Using GIS to Determine the Influence of Wetlands on Cayuga Iroquois Settlement Location Strategies
Thesis Chair: John Walker

Lillie Dao
Title of Thesis: The Role of Rain in Postclassic Maya Religious Belief
Thesis Chair:  Sarah Barber

Pamela Kacerosky
Title of Thesis: What is the Importance of Age at Menarche on Adult Height Relative to Other Known Factors?
Thesis Chair:  Matthew McIntyre

Spring 2011

Dara Shore
Title of Thesis: A Meal Made Fit by a King: Influences of Production, Trade, Tribute, and Feasting on Anglo-Saxon Kingship
Thesis Chair: John Walker

Jordon Munizzi
Title of Thesis: A Comparative Study of the Occurrences of Transverse Radiopaque Lines in Archaic, Early Modern, and Holocene Human Populations
Thesis Chair: Tosha Dupras

Fall 2010

Michael Gyurnek
Title of Thesis: Peopling of the Americas: The South Pacific Route
Thesis Chair: John Walker

Spring 2010

Shainna Ali
Title of Thesis: Contemporary Hijra Identity in Guyana: Colonial and Postcolonial Transformations in Hijra Gender Identity
Thesis Chair: Rosalyn Howard

Sara Blackwelder
Title of Thesis: Syncretism in Contemporary Pagan Purification Practices
Thesis Chair: Ty Matejowsky

Stephanie Boothby
Title of Thesis: From a Bird’s Eye View: Using Satellite Imagery to Map and Analyze the Forest Islands of the Llanos de Mojos, Bolivia
Thesis Chair: John Walker

Georgia Brieck
Title of Thesis: Young Women’s Perceptions of HPV Vaccination in the Context of Prevention, Risk, and Sexual Norms
Thesis Chair: Joanna Mishtal

Kelin Flanagan
Title of Thesis: Ethnobotany in Florida: Seminole Cosmology and Medicinal Plant Use
Thesis Chair: Leslie Lieberman

Michael Napolitano
Title of Thesis: Power Relation and Dominance Hierarchy Correlations in Primates
Thesis Chair: Libby Cowgill

Thuy Nguyen
Title of Thesis: The Prevalence of STI’s and HIV Risk Amongst Vietnamese Immigrants
Thesis Chair: Matthew McIntyre

Samantha Pietruszewski
Title of Thesis: A Formal and Functional Analysis on the Ceramic Rims of the Little Midden Site: The Identitifcation of Site Function
Thesis Chair: Sarah Barber

Patricia Urdzik
Title of Thesis: From the Land of the Inca to the Land of Mickey Mouse: The Trajectory of Female Peruvian Migration from Peru to Central Florida
Thesis Chair: Joanna Misthal

Fall 2009

Ryan Collins
Title of Thesis: Transition through the Abyss: Archaeological Interpretations of the Iconographic Raised-Heel in Classic Maya Culture
Thesis Chair: Arlen Chase

Jessica Lowell
Title of Thesis: Dental Disease in Ancient Egypt
Thesis Chair: Tosha Dupras
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Summer 2009

Amrita Shiwlochan
Title of Thesis: Prenatal Androgens and Visceral Fat
Thesis Chair: Matthew McIntyre

Richard Skandera
Title of Thesis: You get Rained on Last: A Study of the Cultural Implications of Male Height in the United States
Thesis Chair: Elayne Zorn
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Spring 2009

Chelsea Horton
Title of Thesis: Opening Our Hearts to the Magic of Other Kingdoms: Cultural Sharing between Japan and the United States in Kingdom Hearts
Thesis Chair: Ty Matejowsky
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Valeri Madigan
Title of Thesis: A Comparison of Tomb Art from New Kingdom Egypt and Classic Period Oaxaca, Mexico
Thesis ChairSarah Barber

Megan O’Shea
Title of Thesis: Anthropological Reflections on Tattoos amongst Punk Women
Thesis Chair: Ty Matejowsky
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Spring 2008

Sarah Baker
Title of Thesis: A Biocultural Analysis of Natural Mummification: The Importance of Preservation on the Examination of Biological and Cultural Evidence
Thesis Chair: Tosha Dupras
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Nathan Lawres
Title of Thesis: Native and African Cultures and Their Resistance to Oppression in Florida Prior to 1850
Thesis Chair: Rosalyn Howard
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Kathryn Roberts
Title of Thesis: Bioarchaeology: Digging for the Truth
Thesis Chair: Tosha Dupras
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Lindsey Thomas
Title of Thesis: Skeletal Manifestations of Child and Associated Sociological Risk Factors
Thesis Chair: Tosha Dupras
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Summer 2007

Roberta Murphy
Title of Thesis: Headstone Iconography: Documentation and Interpretation of Fraternal Emblems at Greeenwood Cemetery, Orlando
Thesis Chair: John Schultz

Summer 2006

Mary Rezos
Title of Thesis: The Forensic Significance of Identifying the Ritual Use of Human Remains
Thesis Chair: John Schultz
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Spring 2006

Heather Rackin
Title of Thesis: Female Same-Sex Sexual Desires: An Evolutionary Perspective
Thesis Chair: Ron Wallace
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Spring 2005

Zachary Blair
Title of Thesis: Same-Sex Marriages: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
Thesis Chair: Rosalyn Howard
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Mark Putchinski
Title of Thesis: Hominoid Ancestors of the Miocene
Thesis Chair: Tosha Dupras
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Summer 2004

Serena Franklin
Title of Thesis: Ill Beats: Black Women Rap Artists and the Representations of Women in Hip Hop Culture
Thesis Chair: Rosalyn Howard
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Spring 2004

Emily (Gollnick) Slabaugh
Title of Thesis: Leprosy in the Dakhleh Oasis (Egypt) During Roman Rule
Thesis Chair: Tosha Dupras