Minors & Certificates

Anthropology Minor

The Anthropology minor develops a student’s holistic understanding of the past and present human condition. Four different concentrations are delimited within the Anthropology minor.

Anthropology in Multicultural Studies Minor

This minor develops a student’s understanding of the recent dilemmas of Hispanic, Native American, and Pacific Rim cultures, sex, and gender controversies in societies, and the theoretical and practical issues of modern applied anthropology. The minor is especially appropriate for students majoring in political science, international business, or for any student seeking an enhanced understanding of contemporary cultural relations.

Medical Anthropology Minor

The Medical Anthropology minor develops students’ understanding of health from the perspective of human culture and biological diversity, preparing them for careers in global health.

North American Indian Studies Minor

The North American Indian Studies minor will enhance a student’s understanding and appreciation of the history and culture of the North American Indians. The minor is especially appropriate for all UCF undergraduates.

Anthropology of Global Heath Certificate

The Anthropology of Global Health Certificate offers students the opportunity to pursue the rapidly growing field of global health from an anthropological perspective, which examines global health problems by situating them in local contexts. Global health issues such as refugee health, global mental health, and emergent “superbugs” (e.g., Ebola), are of increasing concern and interest.  Health is also the focus of the work of numerous public, private, nongovernmental and non-profit organizations in the U.S. and abroad. This Certificate allows UCF students in any major interested in health to pursue this educational focus.

Human Biology Certificate

The Human Biology certificate blends biological anthropology with a foundation in anatomy and the biological sciences. The minor is especially appropriate for anthropology, biology, and biomedical
sciences students seeking an enhanced and interdisciplinary foundation in human biology.

Native American Studies Certificate

The Departments of Anthropology, History, English, Political Science, and Latin American Studies offer courses that support this Certificate.  Significantly, this Certificate will provide an alternative to students majoring in Anthropology who wish to focus on Native American Studies but who are precluded from taking the Minor in the North American Indian Studies Program since it is administered in the Department of Anthropology.  The certificate program will expand the study of Native peoples who reside in other regions of the Americas currently not covered by the North American Indian Studies program.  This Certificate is appropriate for all UCF undergraduates.

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