Who We Are

The Central Florida Society (also known by the acronyms AIA CFS and CFS AIA) is your local chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA). For more than a century, AIA has been dedicated to the encouragement and support of archaeological research and publication and to the protection of the world’s cultural heritage. A non-profit cultural and educational organization chartered by the U.S. Congress, it is the oldest and largest archaeological organization in North America, with more than 11,000 members around the world. Members of the Institute have conducted fieldwork in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America. The AIA has further promoted archaeological studies by founding research centers and schools in seven countries and maintaining close relations with these institutions, including the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, the School of Classical Studies at the American Academy in Rome, and others. AIA publications include our professional journal, the American Journal of Archaeology, the widely acclaimed and popular Archaeology, and our new, award winning, children’s magazine, Archaeology’s Dig. The AIA’s Archaeology Magazine is now available on the Web. Institute headquarters is located at Boston University.

AIA local societies are the backbone of our organization. Located across the continental United States, Hawaii and Canada, and abroad (Athens and Iberia), societies are run by and for their own AIA members, giving individual members the satisfaction of being involved in the AIA on both the national and local level.

AIA Headquarters sponsors national lectures annually for each society. At the heart of every AIA Society is its locally planned programs–field trips, local tours, symposia, film festivals, and study groups–as well as additional lectures organized by each society. Members of societies enjoy a full program of activities throughout the year that serves to foster and enhance their interest in archaeology.



If you would like to become a member, please contact the main office of the AIA for membership information:

Archaeological Institute of America
656 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02215-2010
tel: (617) 353-9361
fax: (617) 353-6550 email: aia@bu.edu



Fellowships, Scholarships, and Grants

Four Thousand Years of Andean Gold

The AIA offers various funding opportunities for travel, study and publication assistance. Complete information, guidelines, and application forms can be found on the AIA’s website, at http://www.archaeological.org/, and by contacting the fellowship coordinator at lsparks@aia.bu.edu, (617) 358-4184. Please check the AIA’s website or contact the Fellowship Coordinator for updates on deadlines, awards, application guidelines and requirements, and for information on other funding opportunities.

Olivia James Traveling Fellowship

Deadline: November 1; announced February 1
Amount: $25,000

Purpose: For travel and study in Greece, the Aegean Islands, Sicily, Southern Italy, Asia Minor, Mesopotamia. Open to all students, but preference is given to those doing research towards a Ph.D. or who are recent recipients (within 5 years of the application deadline) of a Ph.D. Not intended to support excavations.

Requirements: Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen.

Helen M. Wooddruff Fellowship

Deadline: November 1; announced February 1
Amount: $5,000

Purpose: Individual project of a scholarly nature related to Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology

Requirements: Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S or Canada, or be actively pursuing an advanced degree at a North American college or university. Previous Pomerance Fellows are not eligible.

Anna C. and Oliver C. Colburn Fellowship

Deadline: Jan. 15, 2010; announced April 15, 2010 (offered every two years)
Amount: $11,000

Purpose: Support of studies at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Greece, for no more than a year. Geographic area and cultural period not otherwise specified. Fellowship is awarded bi-annually.

Requirements: Applicant must be a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. or Canada, must be at the pre-doctoral stage or have recently received a Ph.D. (within 5 years of the date of the application), and must apply concurrently to the ASCSA for Associate Membership or Student Association Membership. See AIA website for other requirements

Archaeology of Portugal Fund

Deadline: November 1; announced February 1
Amount: Typical award is $4,000, but may vary

Purpose: To support archaeological study in Portugal.

Requirements: Portuguese, American, and other international scholars are invited to apply.

AIA/DAI Study in Berlin Fellowship

Deadline: February 28 (applications must be sent to the Deutsches Archeologisches Institut, see AIA website for details)

Purpose: Support of an AIA Research Fellow at the DAI’s library facilities in Berlin, Germany

Requirements: Applicants must be archaeologists based in North America and members of the AIA. See the AIA website for further details and guidelines.

AIA/DAI Study in the U.S Fellowship

Deadline: March 1 (for fall semester) and November 1 (for spring semester)

Purpose: Support of a DAI Research Fellow at either the Cotsen Institute (UCLA) or Joukowsky Institute (Brown University)

Requirements: Applicants must be archaeologists employed by the Deutsches Archeologisches Institut. See the AIA website for further details and guidelines.

Jane C. Waldbaum Archaeological Field School Scholarship

Deadline: March 15; announced April 20
Amount: $1,000

Purpose: To support participation in an archaeological excavation or survey project.

Requirements: Open to junior & senior undergraduates and 1st year graduate students who are currently enrolled in a U.S. or Canadian college or university. Applicants cannot have previously participated in an archaeological excavation.

APA/AIA Minority Scholarship

Deadline: December 14, 2009; announced by end of January, 2010 (Applications must be sent to the American Philological Association)
Amount: $3,000 maximum, award amount varies

Purpose: To further a minority undergraduate’s preparation for graduate work in classics or classical archaeology.

Requirements: See AIA website for details and link to APA website. “Minority” includes African American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American, and Native American students.

Publication Preparation Grant

Deadline: November 1; announced February 1
Amount: $5,000 (over 2 years)

Purpose: To support scholars in completing and publishing field research in a peer-reviewed outlet. The grant is intended to assist in the final analysis and writing of the results of field research so that by the end of the second year a completed manuscript may be submitted for publication.

Requirements: Application is open to graduate students and postdoctoral professionals. See AIA website for other requirements.

Publication Subvention Grant

Deadline: March 1 and November 1
Amount: Typical award is $5,000, but may vary

Purpose: To support new book-length publications in the field of classical archaeology (defined as Greek, Roman, and Etruscan archaeology & art history). Particularly welcome are first-time authors and/or final reports of excavated or surveyed sites as yet unpublished.

Requirements: Nominations should be submitted by eligible non-profit publishers such as university or museum presses. See the AIA website for more requirements.