Laboratory for Bioarchaeological Sciences

This laboratory is operated by Dr. J. Marla Toyne.  Their interdisciplinary research, involving graduate and undergraduate students, focuses on innovative approaches to studying human remains from ancient cultures, incorporating information from burial excavation, osteological analysis, and biochemical isotope sciences to explore patterns of health, dietary change, and population mobility.

In the Laboratory for Bioarchaeological Sciences (LBAS), we prepare samples for stable isotope analysis. We primarily work with human and animal remains from archaeological contexts from around the world. Samples are manually prepared, chemically treated, and primary products extracted according to lab protocols for collagen and carbonate analysis from osteological tissues.  We focus on the analysis of stable isotopes of carbon (δ13C), nitrogen (δ15N), and oxygen (δ18O).

We are committed to an inclusive and safe research and work community. We recognize that we have a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students, and we embrace and value the diversity of all our members. It is our policy to be inclusive and mindful of this diversity in our lab policies, opportunities, and interactions with others.


Marla Toyne

Dr. J. Marla Toyne


Bioarch Lab Pics - Teeth
Bioarch Lab Pics - Bone
Bioarch Lab Pics - Measure
Bioarch Lab Pics - See bones
Bioarch Lab Pics - Work bench
Bioarch Lab Pics - Fume hood lab work
Bioarch Lab Pics - Cutting bone