Sociology B.A./B.S

The Sociology curriculum emphasizes critical examination of various components of society. Sociology includes the study of interpersonal interactions, groups, organizations, and societies through the application of theoretical approaches and the use of qualitative and quantitative methods. Sociology courses are directly relevant to many contemporary issues, including murder and violent crime, domestic violence, global warming, alcohol and drug abuse, popular culture, and changes in the family. The department offers groups of courses in several areas, including social institutions, the environment, crime and deviance, popular culture, family, and diversity and social inequalities.

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Social Sciences B.S.

The Social Science Interdisciplinary Degree emphasizes the critical study of the social world. The curriculum increases students’ awareness of the social sciences and how they interpret society, societal institutions, social interaction and communication, social culture, as well as past and present human conditions. Students focus on several specific areas within the social sciences while becoming aware of the interdisciplinary nature of the participating programs.

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