Check the class schedule for sections and availability
W – A section of the course is offered online
H  – A section of the course is offered with honors

SYA 3352, Spatial Sociology: I: Intro GIS, W
SYA 4354, GIS Applications, W
SYA 4450, Data Analysis: Capstone, W
SYD 3700, Race & Ethnicity, W
SYD 3772, Race & Social Media, W
SYD 3800, Sex & Gender in Society, W
SYD 4510, Environment & Society, W
SYD 4810, Women in Contemporary Society, W
SYD 4820, Men and Masculinities, W
SYG 2000, Introduction to Sociology, W
SYG 2010, Social Problems, W
SYG 4244, Food and Society, W
SYO 3410, Mental Health in Society, W
SYO 3530, Social Power & Inequality, W
SYO 4100, Family Trends, W
SYO 4400, Medical Sociology, W, H

SYO 4428, Sociology of Health Care, W
SYP 3060
, Sociology of Sex and Reproduction, W
SYP 3510, Sociology of Deviant Behavior, W
SYP 3511, Sociology of Murder, W
SYP 3520, Criminology, W
SYP 3530, Juvenile Delinquency, W
SYP 3562, Patterns of Domestic Violence, W
SYP 3602, Patterns of Popular Music in Society, W
SYP 3630, Popular Culture in Society, W
SYP 3650, Sports and Society, W
SYP 4000, Sociology Social Psychology, W
SYP 4420, The Consumer Society, W
SYP 4521, Crime Victims in Society, W
SYP 4550, Patterns of Drug Abuse in Society, W
SYP 4631, Social Issues in Film, W
SYP 4730, Patterns of Aging in Society, W