The Department of Sociology at the University of Central Florida includes 22 nationally recognized faculty members with strong national connections. We encourage our current students to interact with our faculty and begin building a strong professional foundation. To help you succeed, our department promotes an open, relaxed attitude that creates a casual office where faculty and students gather for informal discussions on research and other aspects of sociology and development.

UCF’s Graduate Sociology programs offer high-quality learning experiences, an award-winning faculty with strong national connections and grants from major federal institutes and regional agencies. The programs also provide opportunities for students to work on faculty research projects, co-author papers and give presentations at regional and national conferences, teach undergraduate courses, and receive hands-on training at regional agencies.

UCF Sociology is an active department, housing a diverse faculty who conduct leading research in the fields of Criminology, Domestic Violence, Social Inequalities, and Health, Families and Communities. Mentoring graduate students is a high priority for faculty.

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Program Forms

Graduate Advisory Committee

Graduate students completing a thesis or dissertation are required to have an approved Advisory Committee on file with Graduate Studies prior to enrolling in those hours. Doctoral students will complete and submit this form after successfully passing their candidacy exam. The form needs to be initialed by all members and submitted to the Sociology Graduate Director.

Program of Study

The Program of Study is used to help current students plan and track their graduate career. Students are required to have selected a permanent faculty adviser and completed a POS by the end of their first nine hours of course work in the program.


Students wishing to enroll in an Independent Study, Directed Research, Thesis or Dissertation hours, Internship, etc. should complete a Restricted Registration Agreement Form. This form should be completed by both the student and advising faculty and returned to the Sociology Graduate Program Director. Please note there are deadlines for submitting this request and students should check with the department for that terms dates.


The Department of Sociology encourages students to present their original research at related regional or national conferences. Students who have had a paper or poster presentation accepted, can apply for department travel funds. Students must have attended the department’s mandatory travel workshop prior to applying for funding.

Graduate Program Contact

“I received my Ph.D. in Sociology from Washington University (St. Louis) in 1977 and spent 18 years on the sociology faculty at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln before coming to UCF in 1996. Until AY2011-2012, I was the Chair of the Department of Sociology at UCF. My primary research area is homicide and violent crime. My first publication on homicide appeared in 1983 and it has been followed by numerous articles, a research monograph, book chapters, and conference proceedings. Along the way, I served as co-editor of the journal, Homicide Studies, for six years and was an invited attendee at the FBI’s Workshop on Serial Murder in 1995. Currently, I’m the President of the Homicide Research Working Group.” — Jay Corzine, Graduate Program Director

Office Hours:

Wed 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Jay Corzine

Graduate Program Director
HPH 411