UCF Sociology develops study abroad program

As a supplement to its Sociology curriculum, the College of Sciences has developed a study abroad program for undergraduate students interested in Global Family Trends at UCF. 

The aim of this course is to explore the diversity of the world’s families by analyzing different family structures, processes and historical, social and environmental contexts.   The scope of this program is designed to increase awareness and appreciation to the diversity of global family trends.

This program will look at family structure development with regards to issues such as mate selection, union formations, parenting and divorce.  The program will also address aging families and how global social inequality impacts family life.

Students on this program will develop a journal and will submit a final paper documenting his or her experiences with the expectation that they will tie them to the sociological and global perspectives discussed within the class.

Students on this program should plan to arrive in Lima, Peru, by noon on the starting day of the program in order to be in country to transfer to the lodging. Check flight schedules carefully before booking.

For more information about the study abroad program, please click here.

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