UCF Sociology Represented at the American Society of Criminology


Front Row: Greg Weaver (M.A., ’93), Matt Landon (B.A., ’14), Jordana Narvarro (Ph.D., ’13), Melissa Tetzlaff-Bemiller (Ph.D., ’13), Amy Reckdenwald (current faculty), Corina Medley (M.A., ’02), Candice Batton (former faculty) Middle Row: Rae Taylor (Ph.D., ’09), Lin Huff-Corzine (current faculty), Rhena South (M.A. student), Jana Jasinski (current faculty), Jolene Vincent (Ph.D. student), Corey Pomekrantz (M.A. student) Back Row: Christian Bolden (Ph.D., ’10), Hollianne Marshall (Ph.D., ’12), Jay Corzine (current faculty), Alec Szalewski (M.A. student), Jake Lefleur (M.A. student)

Members of the UCF Department of Sociology were present in significant numbers at the 2016 annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology (ASC) held November 16-19 in New Orleans. The ASC is the primary professional organization for academics and practitioners with interests in understanding how crime is shaped by society and, in turn, influences society. Approximately 4,700 attendees representing approximately 40 nations were in New Orleans for the meeting. The theme for the 2016 meeting was The Many Colors of Crime and Justice.

Crime and deviance has been one of the major areas of concentration in the Department of Sociology’s graduate programs, both M.A. and Ph.D., for over 25 years and both faculty and graduate students turned out in significant numbers. Five faculty and 16 curent and recently graduated M.A. and Ph.D. students made the trip to the Big Easy. Collectively, they presented a total of 4 papers in regular sessions, 3 papers in thematic sessions, 5 papers at roundtables, and 13 posters.

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