UCF wins big at SAS Data Mining Shootout

UCF placed 1st ($5,000 prize) and 3rd ($2,000 prize) in the SAS Data Mining Shootout.

The 1st place team was sponsored by Morgan Wang and consisted of the following students: Jianbin Zhu, Ruizhe Wang, Hong Zhang, Yue Zhou and Yuting Song.

The 3rd place team was sponsored by UCF Professor Dr. David Nickerson and consisted of the following students: Mitchell Shipman, Alexander Pham, Thuy Nguyen, Karina Miu, Kim Kempeneer and Chris Wilson.

In the sixth annual Data Mining Shootout, facilitated by The Institute for Health and Business Insight, faculty and students showcased data mining skills in solving a hypothetical, but common, business problem. Armed with SAS® Analytics, competitors were challenged to design a program to produce and distribute vaccines to minimize health impact during influenza season. The top three teams modeled simultaneous outbreaks of flu across four states. Teams were provided relevant data and instructed to implement appropriate data mining methods using SAS software.

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