Undergrad Published in Prominent Political Violence Blog

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Political Violence @ a Glance

Sam Schiffer, an undergraduate student pursuing a dual-degree in Political Science and Journalism, has had his piece “The Political Motives Behind Bangladesh’s Abuse of  Rohingya Refugees” accepted by a prominent political science blog, Political Violence at a Glance.

Appearing on Political Violence at a Glance, Sam’s piece discussed the influx of Rohingya refugees into neighboring Bangladesh and how their domestic politics play an important role in the ethnic group’s discrimination in the country.  The Rohingya, a Muslim minority, is facing ethnic cleansing in their native Myanmar and is denied citizenship in their own country, making them stateless.  Named the most persecuted group on the planet, more than one million Rohingya have escaped the country formally known as Burma into surrounding nations, most notably Bangladesh, where they are also denied citizenship and formal recognition as refugees.  In his piece, Sam explains how different parties use the vulnerable group to politically strengthen their hand.

Sam is currently working on an Honors in the Major Thesis further examining the topic, due out in the Spring of 2018.  In addition, he is a research assistant with Jonathan Powell Ph.D., assistant professor of political science, examining mutinies in West Africa, and an intern at the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Program for Strategic Research and Studies under the auspices of Director David Dumke.

Sam plans to attend graduate school to study law and diplomacy.  He has career aspirations in international political analysis in a journalistic capacity.

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