Volunteer opportunity for the Science Olympiad National Tournament

The Science Olympiad National Tournament is coming to Orlando and we need your help!

Each year, the Science Olympiad National Tournament is hosted by a major university, and this year UCF is taking the lead! And we need volunteers!

If you are familiar with our state tournament, you know the effort that is required to host the competition. (More information about Science Olympiad is below in this email) But for nationals, we need approximately 400 volunteers to help in various aspects. Unlike the state tournament, where we ask our event supervisors to write and create an event, we are now in a hosting, yet supporting role. We have national event supervisors who will arrive in Orlando and they need help running their event. This means NO ADVANCE PREP WORK!

All we need is your help on one of the following days:

Wed. May 16 Headquarters volunteers
Thurs. May 17 Headquarters volunteers
Fri. May 18 Headquarters and opening cermonies volunteers
Sat. May Headquarters, events assistants, competition volunteers, and closing ceremony volunteers

Please consider helping! Contact Jamie VanderWiede at Jamie.VanderWiede@ocps.net . Our major needs right now are to provide assistants to the events below. Also, if you have students who need volunteer hours, this is a tremendous experience and they will help out in non-event positions.

Finally, if you are unable to help, please send this email on to organizations and groups you think might be interested!

Event Assistants Needed:
B – Anatomy
B – Awesome Aquifer
B – Bottle Rocket
B – Compute This
B – Crime Busters
B – Disease Detectives
B – Dynamic Planet
B – Experimental Design
B – Food Science
B – Forestry
B – Helicopter Egg Drop
B – Keep the Heat
B – Meteorology
B – Microbe Mission
B – Mission Possible
B – Mousetrap Vehicle
B – Reach for the Stars
B – Rocks and Minerals
B – Storm the Castle
B – Tower Building
B – Water Quality
B – Write It Do It
B- Optics
B- Road Scholar
C – Anatomy and Physiology
C – Astronomy
C – Chemistry Lab
C – Disease Detectives
C – Dynamic Planet
C – Elastic Launch Glider
C – Experimental Design
C – Fermi Questions
C – Forensics
C – Forestry
C – Gravity Vehicle
C – Helicopter
C – Maglev
C – Microbe Mission
C – Optics
C – Protein Modeling
C – Remote Sensing
C – Robot Arm
C – Rocks and Minerals
C – Sounds of Music
C – Technical Problem Solving
C – Thermodynamics
C – Tower Building
C – Water Quality
C – Write It Do It

Supporting Roles:
Score Counselors
Score Entering
Preparing packets
Souvenir Sales
Providing Directions
Score Counseling
Opening Ceremonies
Passing out lunches
Help Desk
Award Ceremonies

Science Olympiad is a national organization in which middle and high school students compete as teams of 15 in a variety of science competitions in physics, chemistry, biology, earth space science, and engineering. The events require students to construct pre-built devices, conduct experiments, and demonstrate their knowledge about a wide variety of scientific concepts. Unlike other competitions, student demonstrate their knowledge in day long competition in 23 different events. For more information: scienceolympiad2012.com

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